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2010 Candidates Issues Page
This webpage links without endorsement to US Senate, US House of Representatives and Skagit County Commissioner candidates who discuss the Skagit River Flood Issue.  The date is from the date the flood risk discussion was found on the candidate's webpage.
7/23/2010 Sharon Dillon, Democrat, Skagit County Commissioner I believe that we should stop making the problem worse, which means strictly limiting new development on flood-prone farmland. But I also believe that we need to protect the existing built environment such as Burlington and Mount Vernon. ... My job as your County Commissioner is to minimize the economic impact to our community, at the same time ensuring that the community is safe from the risk of catastrophic flooding.
7/29/2010 Mike Anderson, Republican, Skagit County Commissioner Candidate I have come to the conclusion that a combination of maintaining levees, flood storage at dams, and not building in flood-prone areas will work 98 percent of the time. However, we need to plan for the event of a catastrophic flood by having an emergency overflow spillway that is used only when the river reaches the designated catastrophic height. 
10/14/2010 YouTube of Debate between Rep. Rick Larsen (Dem) and John Koster (GOP) on the Skagit River Flood Risk Five minutes, fifty-two seconds of a debate in Washington Congressional District 2 between the top two candidates on funding the GI Study, the FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Maps, and on comprehensive flood solutions.