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Historical Articles Issues Page

1800s-1919 Master Index Articles

In the summer of 2004 I was contacted by Dan Berentson and asked to assist him in reviewing all the historical Skagit Argus newspaper articles for flooding stories. That project quickly grew into reviewing the Burlington Journal, Courier Times, Concrete Herald and Skagit Valley Herald archives as well. Out of all the projects I have been involved in and all the papers I have authored none have given me more satisfaction and sense of accomplishment then putting together these decade-by-decade indexes of historical articles.  The index includes over 1,000 articles from the 5 newspapers arranged in chronological order.

1920-1929 Master Index Articles

1930-1939 Master Index Articles

1940-1949 Master Index Articles

1950-1959 Master Index Articles

1960-1969 Master Index Articles

All Articles Index: 1895-1970


Recognition from the American Public Works Association

Helped Skagit County Government win "Project of the Year" award.


Recognition from the Skagit County Commissioners

Skagit County Commissioners issued plaque awards for our involvement with the Historical Skagit River Flood Research.

Summer 2005

American Public Works Association - Washington State Chapter Newsletter

Awards ceremony.


2006 Skagit County Government Flood Awareness Newsletter

Article regarding historical newspaper archive and web site by Skagit County Government.


1979 Levee Improvement Project Historical Index

This index is a compilation of 30 newspaper articles from the Skagit Valley Herald concerning the 1979 Levee Improvement Project.  It should be considered must reading for all city, county, and Federal employees that were not part of the 1979 project and are currently working on the flood control issue on the Skagit River.


1981-1984 FEMA-BFE Flood Research

Compilation of articles describing the FEMA flood insurance base flood elevation and floodway determination made by FEMA in 1984.