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Skagit County Flood Control Zone District Comprehensive Flood Hazard Management Plan (SC FCZD CFHMP) Draft Issues Page
6/21/2010 Memo on Review Process - DRAFT Skagit River Comprehensive Flood Management Plan "Attached, is the first draft of the Skagit River Comprehensive Flood Hazard Management Plan for your review. Please identify any items of importance that may have been left out, areas that should be developed further, or additional sources of information that could be referenced."


Comprehensive Flood Hazard Management Plan Contents Required contents and recommended layout for a Comprehensive Flood Hazard Management Plan/CFHMP according to RCW.
6/2010 Cover sheets for Draft Skagit River Comprehensive Flood Hazard Management Plan  
6/2010 Table of Contents for Draft Skagit River Comprehensive Flood Hazard Management Plan  
6/2010 Acknowledgements and Citation  
6/2010 Executive Summary "This plan is intended to be a living document. Implementation of all actions will involve the full participation of those who helped develop the plan and others. By working together, Skagit River flood hazards and public costs can be reduced while maintaining this riverís remarkable natural resource values."
6/2010 Chapter 1: Introduction "The mission of the Skagit River Comprehensive Flood Hazard Management Plan is to develop a comprehensive approach to Skagit River flood hazard reduction and management that decreases the flood hazard risk to people, property, infrastructure, fish and wildlife resources, and economic vitality, advances river restoration and other community interests, and reduces long-term costs associated with flood management and infrastructure maintenance."
6/2010 Chapter 2: Skagit River Basin Characteristics 40 pages on the topography, ecology and other environmental conditions of the Skagit River Basin.
6/2010 Chapter 3: Relevant Regulator and Capital Improvement Programs "Numerous Federal and state regulations apply to floodplain and flood risk management as well as to ecosystem protection and restoration. This section provides an overview of regulations."
6/2010 Chapter 4: Fundamentals of Flooding "This chapter describes how floods occur. Some of the factors that are used to evaluate impacts caused by flooding include the magnitude of the flood (its peak flow rate); the duration of the flood; potential for migration of the river channel; the deposition of sediments; the presence of and failure of levees; land development status (such as the presence of structures that can be damaged); land or crops lost; and the combination of tide and wind."
6/2010 Chapter 5: Flood Warning and Operations in the Skagit River Basin "This chapter describes the current flood warning system and how it operates in the Skagit River."
6/2010 Chapter 6: Flood History in the Skagit River Basin A through history of the Skagit River's ability to flood.
6/2010 Chapter 7: History of Flood Management in the Skagit River Basin A documentation of the flood studies "to find the best approach to flood risk reduction in the Skagit River Basin".
6/2010 Chapter 8: Flood Hazard Management Strategies "Skagit County has many flood control options to choose from to mitigate the impacts of flooding. Due to the complex nature of the flooding, several methods of flood control are understandably necessary to accomplish a desirable measure of protection. The County has used several different flood control methods throughout its history and has been successful in controlling flood damages. This chapter discusses the flood control management options, both structural and non-structural, available to the County."
6/2010 Chapter 9: Flood Management Goals and Criteria Includes list of constraints and criteria for any flood management project.
6/2010 Chapter 10: Recommended Actions "Intentionally left blank."
6/2010 Appendix A: Glossary  
6/2010 Appendix B: Acronyms  
6/2010 Appendix C: Draft Skagit River Flood Damage Reduction Study Environmental Baseline Report Upper Basin  
6/2010 Appendix D: Draft Skagit River Flood Damage Reduction Study Environmental Baseline Report Lower Basin  
6/2010 Appendix E: Lower Samish River Basin CFHMP  
6/2010 Appendix F: Measures Site Map